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This site is designed to be accessible for the widest possible audience regardless of ability. This includes providing access for people with disabilities who may have special needs.

If you are using a standards compliant browser, such as FireFox, all of the links on the pages can be accessed through the keyboard using a combination of pressing the Alt key and the corresponding key to access the particular page. For example this current page can be accessed by pressing Alt + A.

If you are using a non-standard compliant browser, such as Internet Explorer, then there is an extra key press involved. After pressing the Alt + required letter you then also need to press the Return key.

A full list of the access keys is given below:

Access Keys

Page Access Key
Home Alt + 1
Login/Logout Alt + 2
Calendar Alt + 3
Council Members Alt + B
Political Parties Alt + P
Outside Bodies Alt + I
Parish and Town Council Alt + W
Latest Meetings and Agendas Alt + L
Forward Plans Alt + F
Cabinet Members Alt + M
Committees and Sub-Committees Alt + C
Co-Opted Members Alt + O
View Decisions Alt + V
Accessibility Alt + A
External Links Alt + X
Anite Home Page Alt + T
Document Search Alt + S

Font Size

The font size for these webpages can be enlarged to make reading the pages easier for those who find the default text size too small. The font can be increased and decreased using the font icons under the main logo.

They can also be accessed through access keys:

Access Keys - Increase/Decrease Font Size

Font Size Access Key
Standard Font Size Alt + 7
Large Font Size Alt + 8
Extra Large Font Size Alt + 9

Compatibility Information

These web pages have been tested on the following web browsers:

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Web Accessibility Initiative Triple A Conformance

This website conforms to the Triple-A level of the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0. The Accessibility Guidelines explain how to make Web content accessible to people with disabilities. Conformance to these Guidelines helps to make the Web more accessible to users with disabilities and benefits all users.

There may be a few pages that do not conform to all the guidelines. Whilst every effort is made to ensure the whole site conforms, with so many contributors, this is an ongoing process. If you have any problem accessing any information on the site, please contact us and and we will endeavor to provide the information in a suitable manner.

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